Nu på onsdag den 27 juni släpps biljetterna till ENTOMBED A.D. fredagen den 28 september.

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De besökte oss senast i februari och vi är så glada att återigen få välkomna LIK till vår scen.


After Dismember split up back in 2011, a huge void was left in the Stockholm death metal-scene. Not only being unable to stand the loss, LIK was formed out of the love for Death Metal with a ”no frills” approach. Although Dismember is the original “skinfather”, LIK has found their place in the scene with their highly acclaimed debut record. “Mass Funeral Evocation” was released in late 2015 via War Anthem Records and has gained raving reviews in the press. In a world where perfection reign, LIK goes the opposite way by recording in less than 24 hours of studio time, making this a true and honest presentation of how the band sound. What you hear on the record is also what you can expect live. Something that has shown a great success when hitting the stages in several countries. Teaming up with Swallow The Sun (FIN) for a mini tour, stretching from Lahti to the famous venue Nosturi in Helsinki, was just the beginning for what 2016 had in hold for the band.

Later on the band took no prisoners when together with Overtorture (SWE) played fve shows in Germany. This successful tour didn ́t stop them from returning, once again, to German soil. Early August, in front of a fully packed tent, the germans could rejoice in an explosive gig at the Party San festival. It was so well recieved some called it an all top act for that year.

In 2017 their new record was released and with previous gigs at Gefle Metal Festival (SWE), Tuska Open Air (FIN), Metal Days (SL), Graveland (NL) & more it´s been some intense years for LIK as a live act.

Now it´s time to once again show how it´s done and there´s no plans for LIK to slow down!