Vi är otroligt glada att få välkomna ytterligare en internationell akt till Gävle, Harrys och Dirty Harry Rockbar, nämligen JOHN CORABI (tid Mötley Crüe /nu The Dead Daisies)) besöker oss för en akustisk spelning tisdagen den 3 december.

Insläpp kl 21:00 och vi återkommer längre fram med ytterligare info.

Förköpsbiljetter 200 kr (+service) släpps måndag 23 september via:

Våra betalande medlemmar har som vanligt förtur och kan redan på fredag 20 september köpa sina biljetter via en länk som mailas ut

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John Corabi has been writing, singing, and performing for over twenty years, and his recordings continually foreshadow where the industry is headed.

John Corabi first came to our attention with a band called Angora.  Upon bursting onto the L.A. scene in the late eighties the band quickly garnered the attention of local club goers, music fans, and L.A. radio.  Unfortunately, the band soon fell apart after winning several awards, including “Best New Club Act.” John quickly rebounded, and formed the Scream.  The Scream album took off, and featured three singles.  “Man In The Moon”, “I Believe In Me”, and the reflective ballad “Father, Mother, Son.”  All of which saw airplay on MTV.  The Scream toured for a year behind the album, and many other songs from the recording found new life on the stage, including “I Don’t Care”, a hard hitting crowd favorite.  John Corabi had caused such a stir with the material he had written with the Scream that newly singer-less Motley Crue took a serious liking to him.  It seemed that the Crue was heading in a new direction, and they wanted John to lead them.

After several months of writing sessions John Corabi joined Motley Crue. The resulting album was arguably the best recording that the band had ever produced, and the band felt strongly enough about the material to name the album Motley Crue.  Songs like “Hooligan’s Holiday”, “Misunderstood”, “Smoke The Sky”, and “Power To The Music” were just a few of the incredible songs that the album consisted of, all of which were co-penned by John Corabi, music and lyrics.  The album went platinum in the States, and enjoyed much bigger success elsewhere around the world.  The sound of the new Crue was like nothing that had come before it.  It gave us a glimpse of what bands like Godsmack and System Of The Down would usher in as “New Metal” close to seven years later.  Surprisingly, after a tour of the States, the band retreated to the studio to begin writing a second album, which would never see a release.  A year into production the band decided to regroup with their former lead singer, but John was not about to give in.

John partnered up with long time Kiss guitarist, Bruce Kulick.  The self-titled debut from the aptly named, Union, quickly attracted air play at the college and rock radio level.  With songs like “Old Man Wise”, “Love I Don’t Need It Anymore”, and “October Morning Wind”, Union found itself winning the Metal Edge magazine reader’s poll award for best new band of 1998.  One review even stated that “October Morning Wind” was the song that Led Zeppelin never got to release.  Union soon delivered Live In The Galaxy, a live album featuring many of the songs from the first record, and live version of songs from John and Bruce’s past.  Including amazing versions of Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” and the Beatles’ “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.”  The live album was soon followed with an album that showed amazing growth in their song writing, The Blue Room.  The band hit the road again, and found that many clubs were selling out.  Songs like “Do Your Own Thing”, “Hypnotized”, “Dead”, and “Who Do You Think You Are?” quickly became crowd favorites and stage staples.  The Union sound would have fit perfectly next to Nickelback or 3 Doors Down, but radio hadn’t yet discovered those bands.  Again John Corabi found himself ahead of the curve, too far ahead for much of the industry. Union continues to play shows all over the globe.

In addition to his continued work with Union, John Corabi joined Ratt as their rhythm guitarist in 2001 and was singing with Cardboard Vampyres, featuring Alice In Chains guitarists Jerry Cantrell, and Billy Duffy of the Cult.  John is also part of ESP featuring Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick of Kiss and Chuck Garric of Alice Cooper.

John Corabi has recorded his long awaited solo album, entitled “John Corabi Unplugged” and continues to evolve. Being released  in Europe and in Early 2013 in the United States, it promises to be more powerful music from one of the best singer, song-writing, frontmen  the industry has ever seen.

Since 2015 has been given the frontman role with  The Dead Daisies

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Vi är så sjukt stolta att härmed få välkomna THE THREE TREMORS (TTT) till Gävle, Harrys och Dirty Harry Rockbar fredagen den 22 november.

The Three Tremors består av tre av världens ledande hårdrockssångare:

TIM “RIPPER” OWENS (ex Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Yngwie Malmsteen)
SEAN PECK (Cage, Death Dealer, Denner Sherman)

Support: TBA

Förköp 200 kr (+service) släpps måndag 16 september via Entré Gävle

“Våra betalande har som vanligt förtur och kan redan nu köpa sina biljetter via en länk som mailats ut”

Insläpp kl 21:00 och vi återkommer med ytterligare info längre fram.


BIO: se bifogad PDF
Instagram: www.instagram,com/thethreetremors
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Nedan kommer samtlig info gällande fredagens gig med grymma KNOGJÄRN, vi välkomnar även FAUSTUS från Bollnäs som support \m/

kl 2300 Dirty Harry Rockbar öppnar
kl 2330 Faustus
kl 0030 Knogjärn
kl 0300 Vi stänger 

120 kronor i dörren (ej förköp)


The foundation of the band was formed in 2011 by the two brothers Anton Pärlenskog (Guitar, Backup vocals) and Oskar Pärlenskog (Drums) as well as Mattias Lövhaga (Lead guitar) as they met at the local school.

During the first years the main focus was to find a solid lineup, as well as writing material for the first demo Desolation (released in 2013) which featured Victor Bastin on vocals.

The current line up started with the addition of Nils Hedberg first joining as a stand-in musician as the band was starting to play live gigs, he thankfully joined later in the year of 2013.

In the year of 2015 the band auditioned for a new vocalist and were floored by the performance of Jonas Dehlin who joined shortly thereafter.

As of the year 2015 the band has written and completed their first full length album called Laments of an obscure mind and are currently working on forthcoming material.

Spotify: Faustus
Youtube Official:

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Vi presenterar stolt ABRAMIS BRAMA fredagen den 8 november som med sin härliga rock på svenska garanterat kommer att få Dirty Harry Rockbar i gungning \m


Tung rock på svenska med Abramis Brama, som 2019 firar 20-årsjubileum sedan debutalbumet “Dansa tokjävelns vals” släpptes, och sedan dess grävt sin egen fåra i den svenska rockmyllan, opåverkade av trender som kommit och gått.

Abramis Bramas musik är sprungen ur det sena 60-talets band och artister som November och Pugh Rogefeldt, och självklart också de stora klassiska riffmästarna Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Mountain och Cream, men också psykedelia och folkmusik.

Våren 2018 släpptes sjunde studioskivan ”Tusen år”, både på vinyl och CD, vilket mottagits mycket väl och nominerades till Manifestpriset i kategorin hårdrock. Under 2018 spelade bandet på festivaler som Krökbacken och tillsammans med band som Tiamat och Electric Boys, och 2019 har i princip hela Sveriges längd avverkats, från Kiruna till Helsingborg.

”På scenen är Abramis Brama en urkraft av organisk rockmusik. Det är där de gör sig bäst, men på bandets första skiva på fyra år har man plöjt ner urkraften, drivet och svetten i plattans samtliga åtta spår.” – Close-Up Magazine

”Tusen År är lika briljant som deras föregående alster. De står fortfarande med fötterna djupt nedsjunkna i 70-talet och soundet är härligt varmt och omfamnande, från inledande Löpeld till den fullkomligt magnifika och över åtta minuter långa Ta Mig Tillbaka.” – Sweden Rock Magazine




Kylan Kommer Inifrån från Stockholm dec 2018:

Aquamaria Festival, Tyskland, aug 2017:

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Fredagen den 27 september hyllar vi Thin Lizzy tillsammans med EMERALD & WITH LOVE \m/

EMERALD “Thin Lizzy Jewels”


Peter Edin – Bas/Kör
Thomas Magnusson – Gitarr/Kör
Daniel Sohlberg – Trummor
Johan Sohlberg – Gitarr/Sång

Följ dom här:

WITH LOVE “The Thin Lizzy Tribute of Gävle”


Pontus Andersson
Håkan Åstrand
Niklas Reinikainen
Dan Karlsson
Lars Sundberg

Följ dom här:

Vilken kväll det kommer att bli \m/

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