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Date(s) - 2019-08-24

Dirty Harry Rockbar - Harrys


Lördagen den 24 augusti blir det röj på Furuviks stora scen av punkrockarna Millencolin & No Fun At All.

Förutom att vi kommer att finnas på plats som DJ´s i Furuvik står vi även för den officiella efterfesten på

Dirty Harry Rockbar där vi nu stolt kan presentera MISCONDUCT som liveakt \m/


(kl 18-23 GHK-DJ “Millencolin & No Fun At All@Furuvik”)

kl 23:00 Dirty Harry Rockbar öppnar

kl 24:00 (ca) MISCONDUCT

kl 03:00 Dirty Harry Rockbar stänger


150 kronor som betalas i entrén (ej förköp)


Hemsida: www.furuvik.se/scenochshow/millencolin-och-no-fun-at-all

Facebook/evenemang: www.facebook.com/events/294314354621253/?ti=icl


Swedish punk rock band MISCONDUCT was formed in the small Swedish town of

Kristinehamn and have over the years developed their sound into a unique form of melodic

punk rock. Through endless touring the band have managed to build up a very strong and

loyal fan-base all around the world. They have toured all over Scandinavia, Europe and North America together with bands like Rise Against, AFI, Dropkick Murphys, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag etc. which have turned the band into a very tight and well-oiled live-machine. Since the release of “One Step Closer ” in 2010 and “Blood On Our Hands” in 2013/2014 the band has also shared the stage with big names such as Papa Roach, Bring Me The Horizon, Korn,

Turbonegro, Slipknot etc as well as played major festivals alongside bands like Iron Maiden,

Aerosmith & Black Sabbath. In 2015 MISCONDUCT celebrated 20 Years as a band and

headed out on an extensive 20 YRS Anniversary tour and the band also teamed up with New

York hardcore legend Roger Miret of AGNOSTIC FRONT for their “Blood On My Hands”

video/single in 2015.

MISCONDUCT are right now back in the studio working on their upcoming release that will

be out in fall 2019. In 2020 they´ll be on tour celebrating their 25th anniversary and with a special edition release of One Step Closer (10 year anniversary).

. Get READY TO GO!!!


Fredrik Olsson – Vocals / Guitar

Martin Wrigsjo – Bass

Olle Karlsson – Lead Guitar

Daniel Petri – Drums


Web: www.misconduct.nu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/misconductswe

Spotify: Misconduct

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/misconductband


“…Blood On Our Hands” a damn good work full of great and catchy melodies, made to sing along to.

An album that reminiscent of a perfect blend between RISE AGAINST and DEATH BY STEREO.


“Kristinehamn and Karlskoga based Misconduct is old in the game, but sounds so vital that some of

the tracks on ” Blood On Our Hands ” tends to make you do back flips in sheer exaltation!”


“This is just so damn good! Misconducts new album is totally Up My Alley!”


“This is absolutely one of my favorite records among the 2013 releases and I just yearn for what the

future holds for this band!” //ROCK THE BLADE

“Swedish Misconduct makes a great comeback . High-energy melodic punk – just like before but with

today’s sound. Now signed to Agnostic Front ‘s label Strength, and the band’s front man Roger Miret

is doing guest vocals on the title track! What do you say … This fucking rocks!! ” //GINZA.se

“I think this will be an album that the hardcore kids and punks will agree on as a bridge-builder.”


“As a company, they have , among others, Roger Miret from Agnostic Front hollering at Blood on my

hands which, like many of the other songs , it attracts sing-along with generally crowd-pleasing

nonstick-melodies . ” //VF

“…to be honest if you don’t find yourself feeling pumped and singing along, you best check your pulse

to see if you are actually alive.” /DISTORTED MAGAZINE, UK

“The new wave of pop punk, post rock in underground landscapes! BUY OR DIE!” /FIRE ALIVE,


”Instead of becoming one of all the meaningless BLINK-182-wannabeees it feels like this band got

both the knowledge and ambition to write really sharp punkrock-projectiles.” /CLOSE UP


“…”Closer”, the best song on the record, which has a KILLER opening riff. The hook is infectious

enough to propel a band to international fame all by itself…” /ROCK FREAKS, DENMARK

“These astonishing levels of energy and intensity do not diminish throughout One Step Closer. From

the instrumental warm up of ‘Intro,’ Misconduct blast into the album with ‘Closer,’ a melodic blend of

ridiculously fast drums and guitars.” /ALT SOUNDS, UK

“I can’t find a weak song on the album.” /ASICE, HOLLAND

… ‘One Step Forward’, the album’s highlight and as perfect a melding of punk and pop as there’s

ever been, with lead singer Fredrik Olsson chanting the iconic chorus of, “One step forward, two

steps back” over soaring guitars and pneumatic drumming.” /ROCK LOUDER, UK

”The intro track is so god damn ass-kicking good that I almost don’t know what to do with myself!”